How does it work?

Sweet Confetti rimes with happy occasions!

You want the best, Sweet Confetti wants to offer you the best!

  • 1. Choose your collection.
  • 2. Then choose the elements you need.
  • 3. Select the right quantities & options.
  • 4. Validate the basket.
  • 5. Customize the texts and choose your prefered delivery Method (Kiala Point, bPost…)
  • 6. Once the payment has been accepted, a validation email is sent to you within the two days so that you can confirm the different elements.
  • 7. After confirmation, the printing is on its way and ten working days later, you receive the parcel.


  • The parcel is delivered (via Kiala) within ten working days.
  • If you are not living in Belgium, do not hesitate to contact Sweet Confetti for more information about costs and deadlines.
  • And anyway, do not delay your order!

Modification of the order and return

  • Once the payment is accepted, you receive the validation link within two working days.
  • If an error is noticed and/or you want to modify, click on (the button) Modify.
  • You can change only once! There will be no possible exchange or refund once the order is confirmed and the printing is on.
  • Sweet Confetti is not responsible for the errors after the validation.
  • So, please, carefully check the spelling, the information. A re-printing will be charged in full.